Where I Write

Inspired by some of my fellow bloggers who have chosen to share pictures of their writing space, I offer a view of the place where my work gets done. My desk sits in the bedroom that used to belong to my son (and before that, to my husband when he was a boy!) My son's desk rested on this wall, and he, prolific writer from a very early age, would sit here typing away far into the night (See Brian, you thought I didn't know!) My little desk was a gift from my parents when I decided to go back to college and finish my degree after they had given up all hope of me. It represents their faith in my ability and their support for my decisions. I treasure it all the more for that reason, and draw on that resource still. Over the desk hangs a lovely water-colorish print by Peter Ellenshaw entitled "from Pooh's Garden," with all my favorite A. A. Milne characters wadnering amidst a poppy field.

I admit to tidying up a bit before snapping the picture. This is a very multi-purpose site, so this morning I was paying bills, answering emails, and finishing up a long project for my office job that involved pages and pages of medical records needing to be sorted and summarized- in general, creating a huge mess. But when those tasks are done, and I can move into the realm of "real writing," I have all the necessities nearby. Pictures of the ones I love to edify, my Moleskine to review for ideas I've jotted down, and a couple of my favorite books on the craft of writing for inspiration. Of course, there's always somthing resting on the little woven coaster - in the morning, it's a steaming mug of Gevalia coffee, and later in the day you'll no doubt find my latest favorite Chardonnay (today it's Smoking Loon). When I get tired, there's a lovely overstuffed easy chair and ottoman nearby to curl up in and read a novel - if I have the heart to move Magic or Molly out the way first, that is!

Even though I use a laptop and could easily move into other areas of the house, I usually stay put in this special spot. I feel safe here, away from the other rooms of the house where different work lies- the living room where another keyboard beckons (my piano), the kitchen, where a meal should be prepared or clearing up might need to be done, even outside on the porch, where some errant weeds in the flower bed would distract me.

This is My Space. Welcome.