Sunday Scribblings-Three Wishes

You'd think it would be easy to come up with three wishes out of the multitude of things there are to wish for. Of course, the most important ones come instantly to mind, the ones that exist like constantly offered prayers to whatever higher powers we belive in - health, happiness, peace on earth. Then there are the more personally directed wishes - to be a better wife/mother/daughter/friend, opportunities to pursue music and writing to the best of my ability, time to enjoy all the fruits and flowers of the earth. And of course, there are the perfectly selfish and somewhat ridiculous wishes - to spend a month by the sea in southeast England, to lose 15 pounds before the class reunion in August, to find the diamond earring I lost somewhere in my bedroom last year. So I'm going to wish for all those things (it's three wishes times three, is that allowed?) Then, for my "official" wishes, I'm going to ask for three things totally out of the realm of possibility. Here goes:

1. To see heaven, or whatever happens after death. I'd like to know what's waiting for me when I go gently into the night, and who is there ahead of me; 2. To travel back in time - not very far, actually, perhaps about 50 or 60 years, to see how I (with my personality and talents intact) would have turned out, coming of age in a different era;

3. To live life over as a completely different person, perhaps a succssful novelist with a little cottage on the eastern seaboard, a small but loving family nearby, and several small dogs to keep me company at my keyboard.
There they are, wishes aplenty. But, as the old saying goes, "If wishes were horses, we all could ride." I may not be able to gallop off with any of mine, but it's fun to sit in the saddle.