Hi, my name is Becca and I am a Blogoholic. It started out innocently enough. I decided one night on a whim to set myself up with a little web site on Blogger, as a source of encouragement for my interest in writing, and a place to actually see something I'd written "in print." All was well with my little blog for a couple of months. I'd post some things periodically, flexing my writing muscles by crafting some cute little expositions about things going on in my life.

Then I came across a site that posted writing "prompts" each week, and invited bloggers to expound on a particular subject in their personal blog, which they would then post to the general site for all and sundry to read. Ironically enough, the first prompt was a subject near and dear to my heart, and one that had been preoccupying my thoughts for some time. An omen! I girded my loins, frantically typed out my thoughts, took a big gulp of Chardonnay, and clicked "publish post."

Lo and behold, I got comments! People from all over the world (literally!) wrote back to me saying my thoughts and words were "lovely and heartfelt" and had "struck a chord" or "moved them deeply." When I visited the blogs of everyone who had sent me comments, I was struck by the amazing variety of experience, interest, and expertise among them. I found myself reading their previous posts avidly, and then delving into their lists of favorites, flinging myself further and further into cyperspace.

Of course I returned to the original "prompting" site the next week, and the week after that. Now, I have a new long list of my own personal "favorites."

Trouble is, I find myself thinking about blogging all the time. At work today, I couldn't help but check in to see if anyone had posted anything new since last night, or if anyone had commented on my post from early this morning. As soon as I got home (although I had been at my office keyboard for the past 6 hours!) I ran right to my desk and logged in. As I was clearing up after dinner, I suddenly had a great idea for a post, and ran to make some quick notes. And, since I was at the computer, why not just check out a few blogs to see what's new?

I admit that I'm hooked. The sensation you get from blogging, both writing and reading, is like no other. It opens up new worlds, introduces you to new friends and ideas, sparks your imagination, and makes you feel downright good.

However, I have a huge pile of neglected wash in my laundry room, and a good sized layer of dust on the piano keys. My puppies look at me with great disappointment when I sit down at my desk, cuz they know I'll be there a while. I feel I must learn some moderation, or life will come crashing down around me. Perhaps a call to my higher power is in order. But first-let me just post this one more thing...