We yearn for connection. Through shared stories, we find it.
— From Life In General

My life is probably not that different from yours. It might look different on the outside, but inside I suspect we share many of the same experiences, hopes, and dreams.

We are connected by our common stories. We can see ourselves reflected in the daily lives and dilemmas of others; we are joined by similar joys and sorrows. We turn to this shared thread of experience for comfort, inspiration, and understanding.

Emerson wrote, "The good writer seems to be writing about himself, but has his eye always on that thread of the universe which runs through himself and all things." These stories about my life in particular – my family, my home, my work, and my play – are stitched together with that “thread of the universe” that runs between you and I. In sharing them I hope we connect in a way that makes life in general more meaningful for us both.