Sunday Scribblings-Goodbyes

Since this is the 200th post here at The Byline, I thought it would be fitting to look back on some of the goodbye's I've said since I started my blogging adventure.

  • With my friend Pat's retirement, I said goodbye to our 14 year old working partnership. She keeps promising (threatening??) ideas for several new projects which will "require my assistance," so I'll probably be saying hello to a new collaboration before I know it~
  • And since my job sharing partner at the office decided to take an "indefinite leave of absence," I said goodbye not only to her, but to most of my free time as well, since I haven't been able to replace her~
  • I said a particularly wrenching goodbye to a young man I met during my years working with Pat, a young man so brilliant, but yet so troubled, he ended his life exactly one year ago~
  • On a much lighter note (pun intended!) I said goodbye to most of the 10 pounds I'd managed to put on over the past few years, and with them, said a very fond goodbye to several pairs of "fat pants" with elastic waist~
  • And today, when the wind is whipping around my house like a demon, and the temperature is a finger-numbing 6 degrees, I am looking forward to saying goodbye to winter, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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