Monday, Monday

"Can't trust that day"...remember that song? What is it about Monday that invites disaster?I have been totally wrong-footed about everything today, and feeling as if some "fresh hell" (as Dorothy Parker so acerbically quipped) was waiting around every corner.

Perhaps it's this unrelenting cold that has an icy death grip on my city (and most of the mid-west) for that matter. Or perhaps it was realizing that somewhere between my trip home from Florida last week and this morning when I was waiting in line to cash some checks at the bank, I lost my driver's license. Or could it have been the bill for our Florida homeowners insurance which came today, with a price tag more than double last years? (Do you think McDonald's is hiring? I may need another part time job.)

Ah me. So enough with the sob story already. I just made myself a steaming cup of mint green tea, and I plan to hide in my favorite big chair with a microwave heating pad and lose myself in a good book. I've gotta hope tomorrow is a better day, even if it isn't a warmer one.