Resolutions Redux

For those of us who work in schools, summertime is like a mini New Year. When I think of three months without classes, rehearsals, and performances to prepare for, my mind literally roils with all the things I want to do. Here are some of the things bubbling around in my head:

  1. This summer, I am determined to lose the 15 pounds of pre-menopausal fat that have mysteriously accumulated in various places on my body over the past two years. Tomorrow, I'm going to FitZone for Women and sign up. I will then faithfully return there every Monday, Thursday, and Friday and spend 30 minutes on the treadmills, bicycles, or circuit training machines. So there, body! Take that!
  2. This summer, I am delving into a new creative realm-photography. Jim has always been the family photographer, and he's so darn good at it I was never tempted to try it myself. But I just bought myself an Olympus 310, my own personal digital camera, and can't wait to start snapping. Hopefully, I'll have some shots good enough to post on this site.
  3. This summer, I'm going to continue writing, and explore an online workshop or class, as well as seek out new blogs to inspire me, so that I can prepare at least one personal essay or short story to submit for publication.
  4. This summer, I'm going to get one of my Beethoven Piano Sonata's back in shape. For the past couple of years I've been playing Mozart and Haydn, while my vintage Artur Schnabel editions of the Beethoven gathered dust in the basement. I pulled one out the other day and was immediatly struck by the way he enlarged the sonata form and made it so exciting. As I paged through Volume 1, I was surprised at how many of them I had actually learned once upon a time.
  5. This summer, I'm going to read Dickens' Bleak House and watch the new BBC mini-series, which was highly recommended by my friend Shari, who has very discerning taste when it comes to TV. I'm also going to explore more poetry, since I've been inspired by Poetry Thursday.
  6. This summer, I'll be cooking more, exploring some healthy eating options (in keeping with Number 1 on my list). I'm off to Barnes and Noble later today for some cookbook shopping.
  7. This summer, as every summer, I'm going to relish more time with my family, my doggies, and the outdoors. I'm making it a priority to visit my mother in law every week, as well as my aunt and uncle. It's amazing how an hour spent watching the doggies can cheer them up. I'm also hoping for daily walks in the park with Magic and Molly, and lots of opportunites to sit on the patio with my book and a cold glass of wine, watching the sun go down and the fireflies come out.

So much for my summer resolutions. I have to keep tamping down new ones as they pop into my mind, knowing how easy it is to be overcome with ideas and then lack the courage to begin anything! Earlier today, I got excited about scrapbooking, after seeing some awesome digital scrapbook entries on a blog I ran across. That would tie in so well with my new photography pursuit...