My List of Fives

I've been tagged by soozphotoz and I'm's my fab fives: Items in my Fridge

  • A tiny carton of raspberries that cost a small fortune
  • Five water bottles, all different brands
  • Three bottles of chardonnay, also different labels
  • Several tiny cans of "gourmet" dog foods that my puppies refuse to eat
  • Leftover spaghetti bolognese from last night's dinner at Guilio's

Items in my Closet

  • All the winter clothes I haven't had time to put away
  • All the spring clothes I've been sneaking up from the basement on warm days
  • A tiny pair of cowboy boots, size 2, that belonged to my husband when he was a baby
  • A Mattel toy Winchester rifle that I played Daniel Boone with when I was three
  • At least five times five purses

Items in my Car

  • Two audio books I just got at the library
  • My doggy's car seat
  • Emergency rations (raisins, pistachios, and fig newtons)
  • Two more water bottles
  • Coffee cards from Starbucks and Panera Bread

Item in my Purse

  • A teeny tiny wallet containing pictures of my son and my dogs, one credit card, and some cash
  • My moleskine notebook and pilot G2 pen
  • Clinique lip gloss (with a hint of sparkle)
  • A flash drive for my computer
  • My cell phone