Home Again

Ah, home again. I spent a few days out in Scottsdale, Arizona with a dear friend of mine who makes it her home for the month of March. The west is so different from my usual stomping grounds - all that sagebrush and cactus and gravel. I have to admit that I prefer the verdant green landscape of Florida, and also the close proximity of the ocean.

But those mountains that surround the city are pretty awesome.

Purple mountain majesty indeed.

As you might imagine, today has been occupied playing catch up - this has been such a crazy month for me, and the one remaining week doesn’t look to be any different.

I mentioned a while back that I was working as a “Consultant” (now doesn’t that sound fancy!) at my old office, editing reports and training new writers. In the five or six months I’ve been completely out of the picture over there, I’m amazed at the way business has boomed. Exploded, actually. Working with insurance can be quite lucrative, as you well know if you’ve ever gone out seeking a workers comp insurance quote or a health insurance quote. A Prime Insurance Agency that handles thousands of clients can make a fortune. So I’m happy my little company can get in on some of that action.

For all my whinging about everything I’ve got going on, I must confess it’s sort of exciting to have so many different irons in the fire. Sometimes I like this juggling act, especially if I know there’s an end to it somewhere in the near future. Makes me feel rather proud of myself, keeping all those balls in the air successfully. The majority of this madness will come to a crashing halt on April 1, with even more of it tapering off into May and June.

Although I’m quite certain that something will happen along to fill the gap.

That’s just the way of life, isn’t it?

What’s filling the gaps in your free time these days?