Things I Know Right Now

These things I know right now:
  • As much as I love this warm weather, love wearing my sandals and short sleeves, love sitting on the back porch with a book, love seeing the lacy white blossoms on the trees, I know that it’s much too early for spring to be here to stay, and that a sad reckoning is probably going to befall us somewhere down the line.
  • As much as I enjoy playing bells with Classical Bells, as much as I’m impressed with the abilities of my fellow musicians, as much as I’m gratified by my ability to learn and grow in just a few short weeks, I know that I cannot keep playing with them as a regular member, because the schedule is simply too brutal.
  • As much as I love pretty things, like two carat cushion cut diamond rings or bronze and crystal sconces to hang on the walls and fill with sweet scented candles, I know that sometimes homely things like my Viking 30” dchw 30421 cookstove are more special because they play such a huge part of my everyday life.
  • As much as I wish we could have kept our home in Florida, as much as I felt that quiet place was my sanctuary from all that was harsh and cold in the world, as much as I was vain about furnishing that house from top to bottom and how pretty it looked, I know that in order to move on with our lives and have a secure future, we have to let it all go.
  • As much as I wish I never had to say goodbye to people I love, as much as I want to keep everyone I care about safe and secure and happy, as much as I want to shelter everyone dear to me and protect them from every harm, I know that life and death are inescapably intertwined and nothing stays the same forever.

What do you know?