Writing Around

You haven't seem too much of me in this space, but I have been writing.  You may recall I've been participating in an on-line creative nonfiction writing class, led by Andi, (of Andilit) blogging fame. I've been posting the essays which result from that class here. Today, I am honored to be a guest blogger at Andilit.  My post is all about "The Great Commandment" -  and it's not the one you're thinking of. So check it out.

Taking this online course has reminded me how much I love the educational experience.  I've never done online courses before, but this has got me thinking about online degree courses in psychology, a subject that has always interested me. Psychology was my first major in college, and though I eventually changed to English, I've always been intriqued by the workings of the human psyche!  I'm just more apt to explore it in characters on the page than in real life.  There might even be federal student aid available.


Something else to think about during these lazy, hazy days of summer!