TLC Book Tours: To Dwell in Darkness

Publisher’s Summary:

Recently transferred to the London borough of Camden from Scotland Yard headquarters, detective superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his new murder investigation team are called to a deadly bombing at historic St. Pancras International Station. By fortunate coincidence, detective sergeant Melody Talbot, Gemma's trusted colleague, witnesses the explosion. The victim was taking part in an organized protest, yet the other group members swear the young man only meant to set off a smoke bomb. As Kincaid begins to gather the facts, he finds that every piece of the puzzle yields an unexpected pattern, including the disappearance of a mysterious bystander.

The bombing isn't the only mystery troubling Kincaid. He's still questioning the reasons behind his transfer, and when his former boss continues to avoid him, those suspicions deepen. With the help of his former sergeant, Doug Cullen, Melody Talbot, and Gemma, Kincaid begins to untangle the truth.

But what he discovers will leave him questioning his belief in the job that has shaped his life and his values—and remind him just how vulnerable his precious family is.

My Reflections:

I’m a huge fan of Deborah Crombie’s detective series starring Duncan Kincaid, and his coterie of investigators, including the lovely Gemma. I’ve enjoyed seeing their relationship develop, and also watching Gemma make a mark for herself in what is still somewhat of an “old boys club.” All the books have this wonderful backstory about Kincaid and Gemma, their family life, their personal struggles and growth, which is something I demand in my mystery reading.

To Dwell in Darkness is definitely a worthy addition to Crombie's lineup. Duncan Kincaid is not just another pretty face in the detective department. He has a sort of brooding quality and a tendency toward deep philosophical thinking that I find very attractive in my male literary heroes (for mystery lovers, think Inspector Lynley (Elizabeth George); Inspector Banks (Peter Robinson); Armand Gamache (Louise Penney); and the king of them all, Adam Dalgleish (P.D. James). In this book, Duncan begins to face a common dilemma amongst men at his stage - how did I get to this point in my career? Is this going to be enough for me? Have I made a difference? 

Crombie is a master at getting the reader involved in the story, and subtly unwinding it at just the perfect pace. She often ends each book with a perfect, enticing set up for the next one - and she really outdid herself in that department with To Dwell in Darkness. I await the next installment even more eagerly than usual. (The author actually lives in a small town in Texas, not far from my son’s home. We’ve been to this town a few times, and I’m always hoping I’ll run into her on the street, walking one of her German Shepherds, so I can find out just when the next installment of the Duncan & Gemma story will be available.)

To Dwell in Darkenss is number 16 in this series, and if you haven’t read the other 15 books, I’d suggest you do so. Although you can read To Dwell in Darkness on its own, why deprive yourself of another 15 well-written and intriguing books? 

Thanks so much to TLC Tours for the opportunity to read this one.

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About Deborah Crombie

Deborah Crombie is a New York Times bestselling author and a native Texan who has lived in both England and Scotland. She now lives in McKinney, Texas, sharing a house that is more than one hundred years old with her husband, three cats, and two German shepherds.

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