The Sunday Salon: Summer Sunday

Summer is finally making an appearance here - appropriately enough, since according to the calendar today is summer’s official start date. It’s warm and humid though, not exactly my favorite summer weather. But at least it’s not raining and the sun is shining, so I’ll take it.

Here’s the wrap up of my week:

Reading Life: For the past month, it’s been a struggle to find a book that really grabbed my interest and attention on every level. I think I’m back on track, though, with House of Hawthorne, by Ericka Robuck. After reading a spate of historical novels last winter, I haven’t read any for a while, and I’m a huge fan of Robuck’s other work. I love the way she personalizes these familiar historical characters by having them interact with a third party - either fictional or historic. This novel is based on the life of Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife Sophia, and looks at the way Sophia’s creative power was eclipsed by her role as wife and mother. It’s a book I’m reluctant to put down and eager to return to, which has happened much lately. 

Work Life: It was a busy week - I worked all week at a middle school musical theater camp, something I do every year, and always enjoy. This year’s group was especially enjoyable because they were so dedicated and focused.  Even though they came from different schools throughout our area, they worked together famously, and put on a bang-up production at the end of the week. It reminded me of how important music and the arts are in fostering confidence, team-building, and a general good time. 

Family Life: In addition to being the first official day of summer, it’s also Father’s Day here in the states, so I’m thinking of my Dad, but also all the men who have been father figures in my life - my Grandfather, who was really my first playmate and happily went along with all my imaginary games; my Uncle Tex, who was my Number One fan throughout my entire life, and always a steady rock I knew I could rely upon, especially after my parents divorce. I fondly remember our neighbor, Mr. Ray, who kept a watchful eye on me from his living room window across the street, bailed me out of snowdrifts a couple of times, helped me save a rabbit from being Magic’s dinner one afternoon, and kept me well supplied with wonderful produce from his garden. They were all old-fashioned men who took the role of family provider and protector very seriously, and I admit I sometimes feel a little bereft and vulnerable without them.

Writing Life: This week one of my essays was featured in Summer Love Notes, an email series created by Deb Smouse. You can read my piece here, and still sign up for this free series if you haven’t already done so.  

We are heading into downtown Northville this afternoon for some lunch al fresco, and a stroll through the art fair going on there. After that, it will be reading and maybe some TV - I’ve been watching The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I only saw it sporadically when it was on prime time, and I’m enjoying getting to know Lorelei and Rory from the beginning. 

Have a wonderful summer Sunday, wherever you are!