The Love-ly Month of February

About 5:30 this afternoon, the automatic timer on my reading lamp switched on, and guess what?  I didn't even notice. That's right.  I didn't notice, because the SUN WAS STILL SHINING!

Amazing.  Just yesterday it seems I readjusted the timer because the house was pitch black at 5: 30.  Now, this love-ly month of February gives us the gift of just a pinch more daylight, a baby step closer to those long, light filled evenings when I can sit on the porch until bedtime and watch the fireflies flicker in the orchard.

There is a tiny movement afoot in blog-land to celebrate love in all its forms and fashions this February.  I first read about it here, and then found out more about it here.

So my paean to lengthening days is my way of saying I Love You to February.

More posts about things I love in the days ahead.

What are you loving this February?