The End of the Tunnel

It may be the sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures... It may be that I've had three days off in a row...

Or it may be that I'm beginning to see some light at the end of this dark tunnel I've been traveling through...

Whatever the reason, I awoke this morning feeling  ~dare I say? ~ hopeful ~ for the first time in a long while.  As if the tipped axis my world has spun upon for the past four months might be starting to right itself.  As if I might begin to breath easy once more, to stop looking for danger and disappointment around every corner, to actually smile and really mean it.

The heavy anvil of heartache may be lifting, my friends, and I'm delirious with excitement.

Looking back on the things I've been writing here, I see how deeply enmeshed in sorrow I've been.   I want that to change in the days ahead, want to find the source of my writer's eye once again, and particularly want that source to focus on the positive aspects of life in general.  I want to believe that life can be bright and beautiful, that some of my dearest dreams will come true, and that I will be happy again.

 For the past three years, this space has been where I've come to express my feelings about life in general and my own in particular.  I think each one of us has a unique personal story that bears telling to the world, a story that reflects a deeper meaning on this roller coaster ride we call life.   We travel the road together, my friends, and sharing our experience is a way of learning from it and making it meaningful.  Sometimes the days are dark, and we need to huddle together to find a glimmer of hopeful light.  And when the darkness lifts, we can't wait to share the joy and spread the beacon of hope.

In the weeks ahead, look  for some changes here at the Byline.  Perhaps a makeover, a shiny new space to match this shiny new beginning that's rising in my spirit.  

I want this journey into the future to be a happy one.

And I hope you'll all come join me.