Sunday Scribblings-Two Peas In A Pod

Molly and Magic-Two Peas In A Pod

If you've read my last two posts, you'll know I've been in a bit of a black funk. But there's nothing that can cheer me up like these two peas in a pod.

Magic is the quintessential older brother - he's sometims bossy and mean, but hugely protective. If he hears Molly barking, he drops everything and takes off in a flash in full outraged mode, ready to fight to the death to save her if need be. Molly, well, she's the epitome of the pesky little sister. She begs mercilessly for whatever toy he's playing with, rolling over on her back right in front of his face and whimpering piteously until he drops it and walks away defeatedly. They are usually never farther than a stone's throw from each other, and often sleep curled up side by side-Molly likes to use Magic's back as a pillow.

For this pair, every day is a happy new adventure. They wake up bright eyed and beautifully bushy tailed, urging us out of bed with the promise of a walk or a game with their favorite squeaky ball. They're perfectly happy with a couple of meals, a bedtime biscuit, and every once in a while a mini scoop of vanilla from the Dairy Queen. They have the best attitude of anyone I know, and luckily for me, it's infectious. A healthy dose of fun with these two peas in a pod has quite completely banished my doldrums!

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