Sunday Scribblings-If I Could Stop Time

Greedy woman that I am, I would love to freeze time at several points, so I could exist in an alternate universe, spending days at any wonderful place in my life I chose. For instance:

  • The year before I started school, when I already knew how to read, and could talk my grandfather into walking me to the library practically everyday so I could load up with books and have all the time in the world to read them;
  • Ninth grade, when I was the most popluar I was ever to be in the public school system, the editor of the school paper, and completely involved in "social journalism," promoting anti-war days and moratoriums for peace - a real "mover and shaker" on my junior high school campus;
  • My honeymoon (for obvious reasons);
  • The year before my son started school, when he hadn't yet been disillusioned and traumatized by the educational system and we had so much fun together;
  • 1999, when my musical career was at its most satisfying, I was performing with two really good groups, and I felt confident and sure of my abilities.

As for the choice of superhero powers, that's an easy one. I'd love to be a "doppleganger" - to have a double, so I could be in two places at once. One Becca could be in Florida, while the other was in Michigan getting her work done. Or Becca #1 could be curled up in an easy chair reading her favorite book, while the other was walking the dogs. Or both Beccas could be happily pursuing their favorite hobbies on their own keyboards - one at the computer, the other at the piano. The possibilites are endless! Suddenly, life would become twice as full and interesting. So, where do I sign up to make this happen?

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