Sunday Scribblings-Fantasy

Like most teenage girls, I had a rich fantasy life. Granted, most of it revolved around things I now consider pretty juvenile - like clothes I imagined myself wearing, sports cars I imagined myself driving, and friends I imagined myself impressing. My fantasy life changed completely when I met my "prince charming." After that, it was all about my dreams of our life together - the home we would have (charmingly decorated and furnished), the children we would have (beautiful and supremely intelligent), the careers we would have (satisfying and productive), the trips we would take (exotic and exciting). I clearly remember lying in bed every night, lulling myself to sleep with glowing fantasies of all the wonderful things in store. I was fondly recalling those inspiring fantasies a few weeks ago, as I was lying in bed thinking about the work piled up on my desk, a stack of bills I needed to pay, the people who needed me to do things for them, the pain in my back that kept getting worse - well, you get the picture. The fantasy life, like the old grey mare, just ain't what it used to be.

When did this happen? I thought, downright angry with the fact the my thoughts were consumed by such mundane and negative trivia. When did my dreams disappear?

In all honesty, it may be because many of those fantasies have actually come true. I do have not only one, but two lovely homes, a handsome, intelligent child, and a career that's generally quite satisfying. We've done a fair amount of traveling, although we'd like to do more, and most importantly, we're all basically healthy. So what's left to fantasize about? And why bother anyway - it's just a waste of time, right?

Not necessarily. It may not be a coincidence that most of my teenage fantasies have come true - at least to some degree. There is something to be said for the school of thought which maintains that "if you can dream it, you can do it." If that is indeed the case, then I better start coming up with some new fantasies!

So how are these for a start:

  • a little house by the sea with a huge writing/music room, where the walls are made of windows overlooking the water
  • a zippy little sports car to drive around town in
  • and bunches of little shih-tzu's cavorting all over the place!

Might as well throw these in for good measure:

  • a couple of best selling novels and another one in the process
  • a recording contract for my world reknowed piano quintet
  • and (my son and daughter in law may not want to read this one) bunches of little grandchildren cavorting all over the place!

I'd say those are a pretty good way to renew my fantasy life, wouldn't you??