Still Standing

Is it really only Wednesday? Wow, I feel like each of the days of this week has lasted about 36 hours, and I've been crazy busy for every one them. My life is like a whirlwind right now - there's my day job, which is nuts since I lost my "alter ego," a very good partner and friend, who made the difficult decision to take a leave of absence for family reasons. Then, of course, there's school, with the holiday concert season looming ahead. And of course, NaNoWriMo, and the drain on my creative energy trying to keep up pace. I have literally not had one extra minute this week...and I really don't have one now, either. It's 11:37 pm - I've been up since 5:30 am, been to work, to school, back to work, home, to a church rehearsal, back home, on a long heart to heart phone call with my son, and then an emotional semi- finale of Dancing With the Stars ( it's one of my guilty pleasures). But I felt the need to touch base with all my guiding stars out there in the blogsphere - let you know I'm thinking of you, and that I value the wisdom and guidance you all offer me each day with your insightful, wise, and wonderful words. Tonight I find myself thinking a lot about life, and what it offers us, and how we use it. Sometimes, the things that life puts in front of us are difficult, and painful, and we make choices that have the potential to do great harm. Then again, sometimes we are offered the opportunity to make something great out of something that seems very miniscule and unimportant. I have always believed that God, or the universe, or whatever higher power you might believe in, has a way of aligning events and circumstances for our greater good. The trick is to be aware of all the possibilities, and be open to them. So, sometimes, when things seem their darkest, there is a greater good hiding behind the seemingly endless quagmire of disaster. It might take some slogging through the muck to get there, but ultimately, you'll find something shiny and clean waiting for you at the end.

I'm slogging through the muck of life right now, and so are some of the people I most love and care about...but I've been around long enough to know that there are lovely green fields on the other side of this muddy pasture. We'll just keep plowing through until we find them.