Stepping Up

The past few days have certainly been enlightening ones, for having a disability, even one as minor as a broken foot, illuminates all those areas of life we take for granted - like running up and down stairs, meandering through the mall, even treking out to the mailbox - things I'm acccustomed to doing quickly and thoughtlessly, now require a great deal of effort and planning.  Even though I'm off the crutches  (and wearing this monstrous moon boot contraption) steps are slow, awkward, and painful. And boy, I've come to appreciate the drive-through window more than ever.  This morning I was able to drop off a prescription (I've succumbed  - I'm filling the prescription for Darvocet they gave me in the ER), go to the bank, and get coffee, all without getting out of the car.


So I've been thinking a lot about the people I know who deal with chronic, long standing disabilities, and how life is so much more difficult for them than us able bodied souls.  Most of them are unfailingly cheerful, positive, and life affirming, which inspires me more than I can say.  Of course, I'm thinking in particular of one of my blogging friends, whom many of you also know and love.  Whenever I'm tempted to feel a bit sorry for myself  (and my boot!) I just think about Tammy and I'm suddenly infused with the warrior spirit!

I'm also thinking about the ways in which this injury might be a little payback for me, for the irritation with my husband (who has chronic foot pain due to peripheral neuropathy) for walking so slowly last week when we were in Disney World.   And  sometimes I get impatient with my mother, too, whose age has slowed her footsteps to a (for me) painfully slow pace.

Now, I myself am moving painfully slow, in every sense of those words. 

Life is all about perspective, isn't it?  About learning by walking in another woman's shoes (pardon the pun).  Along with my new boot, I've received a lesson in humility this week, one I'm going to be learning for the next six weeks if my orthopedic surgeon is to be believed.  

But for now, I'll just happily hobble into the kitchen and start dinner.

How about you? Has life ever taught you a lesson in humility?