Social Networking, Part Two

Although it's been quiet here on the blog-front, I've actually been rather pre-occupied this week doing more  "social networking."  My friend M. and I are spending our annual "girls week" in Florida, a tradition we started eight years ago, and one that has become sacrosanct for both of us. What do we do?  Mostly what you'd expect two ladies of a certain age to do when left alone in a resort town.  We eat, we drink, we sit in the sun, we read,  we shop, we go to the movies.

We talk.

Yesterday, we saw The King's Speech - first time for M., second time for me.  I don't see a lot of movies, and  I rarely watch a movie twice in the same season, but I was happy to attend a repeat viewing on this one. It was a stellar film in all respects, and won well-deserved awards.

Today, after a lovely lunch and some shopping, we saw The Black Swan.  Hmm.  That was a horse of a different color.  Natalie Portman was astounding in her role of the psychopathic ballerina.  Her self destructive behavior and its psychological basis was eerily reminiscent of a young woman I'm acquainted with in real life (although not yet to that extreme, thank goodness).  It was definitely not the "feel good" kind of film that M. and I usually gravitate toward - but we both agreed we were glad to have seen it.

We had dinner tonight at Patric's, a local restaurant that has instituted a tapas style menu in a cozy dining room, complete with entertainment- tonight, it was 1940's showtunes played on a vintage upright piano. The small plates were perfect for the two of us, neither of whom are big eaters.  After dinner, M. did quite a bit of shopping in a little boutique called Just 4 Dolls, which featured a huge selection of outfits and accessories for American Girl dolls.  Believe me, her granddaughter's new American Girl will be dressed to the "nines".

On the docket for the days ahead - an art fair, a choral concert, people watching in downtown Naples.  The weather has been more than cooperative, with the sunshine and balmy breezes that make Florida such a popular destination for winter weary mid-westerners.

It's a good tradition we started those years ago.  I'm glad we've had another year to continue it.

How about you?  Do you have any special traditions with your social network?