So This is...Thanksgiving

Despite what retailers and shoppers are trying to tell us, it is not Christmas yet - at least not in my calendar. I have a very firm rule about making no preparations for Christmas until every last shred of turkey leftovers are gone. This autumn in Michigan has been so lovely, with lots of just-right temperatures and sunshine to spotlight the brilliant colors at their best. I hate to give fall up, hate to see it morph into the dreaded cold of winter. For the first time in a decade we have no recourse to escape winter’s chill, and will have to tough out the entire winter here in the midwest.

Nevertheless, we certainly have much to be grateful for this year at chéz Becca- most especially our wonderfully happy, healthy grandson, and his parents who love him to pieces.

We also have a lovely new home and are enjoying making it “ours."

We have family and friends who support us and love us.

We have food on the table every night, hot water to shower, bathe, and wash our clothes.

We have cars and the fuel to make them go.

We have books and music and television shows freely available at any time of day or night.

We have freedom to write, sing, worship however we please.

We have so many choices about how to live our lives.

How lucky we are.

How thankful.