Seven Things About Me

It's been said that all things happen for a reason~a few minutes ago, Blogger ate the post I'd been stewing over for several days. Truthfully, that post was depressing, and whiny, and probably revealed more about the inner workings of my psyche right now than I should reveal. So, consider yourself saved.

Instead, I will drag myself out of the funk I've been in, and run with the Seven Things About Me meme, which Melissa tagged me for several days ago.

My name should be Annie~ as in Ado Annie, the character from the musical Oklahoma who sings "I'm just a girl who cain't say no." Sadly, the things I'm unable to refuse aren't nearly as much fun as the activity Annie can't resist. Hence, the fact that I'm always too busy for my own good, setting myself up for funks such as the one I'm currently wallowing in.

I am seriously obsessive compulsive about making my bed. If I leave the house with the bed unmade, bad things happen all day long. I've proven this.

My favorite comfort food~is cinnamon toast made with white bread and chocolate flavored Ovaltine (hot). When I awake at that dreaded four-o'clock-in-the-morning time, I just make myself this treat, wrap up in my favorite soft flannel "blannie," and before long I'll be drifted off to sleep.

Please don't throw tomatoes at me for this one, but I hate Christmas music. (Ouch! I said please don't do that!) It seems like a terrible thing for a musician to say, but perhaps its because I have to play it so much, all the time. And when the radio stations start playing "All Christmas Music All the Time" on October 21st - well, suffice it to say, we're on a radio ban here until January 10. My all time most dreaded Christmas song - The Hallelujah Chorus. Only when you've taught it to high school kids for 15 years will you understand what I mean.

However, I love Christmas lights, and people can put those up early if they want - yes, go ahead, you have my permission.

Coffee is serious business at my house. I only make Gevalia coffee at home. I've been using it for years - long before coffee was "cool." It's a Swedish blend, and it's rich and smooth tasting - never bitter. And I like it strong. My favorite coffee shop is a little independent place near my house. It's called First Cup, and it's all organic coffee, along with whole food breakfast and lunch. I will also drink the Cafe Blend at Panera Bread.

My biggest fashion obsession is purses. I have so many purses on the top shelf of my closet that they cascade down on me when I'm trying to extricate one from the pile. I'm mostly drawn to tiny, cute, little purses, and I waste an inordinate amount of time every morning transferring my essential items for the day from one little bag to another.

So, there are seven random facts about me...I left out that I get depressed at Christmas time, but you might have gathered that from my introductory paragraph.

I don't know why, but I do. However, writing this meme has cheered me up considerably.

Thanks for the tag, Melissa :)