Poetry Thursday-Night Thoughts

Thoughts of you keep sleep awaystabbing my heart with cruel remembrance of your lips on mine the electric touch of your warm hand just there where life gives form to life

I tangle myself in this web of pale linens angry at darkness which summons you to my heart, yet fearful of light that even now filters through eyelids closed tightly in protest.

Beyond sleep now I ache with yearning, my body flush with rising heat recalling stolen moments shared by two souls who wandered from their chosen path only to be lost on this road to pure redemption.

I savor this agony these thoughts of you that arrive under cover of each night's dark mystery. My daylight self lost to this wild forest of memory where you wait in secret and torment me with love.

And yet all the while, beside me he sleeps lost in thoughts of his own.

I borrowed the first line of this poem from here, and I thank Rethabile who so graciously offered it for this week's Poetry Thursday objective.