Poetry Thursday - Everyday Inspiration

The poems I love best are homages to the "everyday" - a sunset, a favorite tree, birds singing, a fulfilling pastime or a special relationship. These things add small touches of pleasure to our lives, so it makes sense to memorialize them with poetry, which should itself be another of life's everyday pleasures. Every Afternoon
Along about four o'clock every workday afternoon I begin to think about my chair.

You know the one - the soft old green one just there by the window with an oven warm spot

baked in the late day sun.
Everday after work I fold my weary bones into its lap lean my aching head against its neck and sigh.

It fits me just right, this chair. Although it is large enough for a small boy to curl up at my side, snuggle in close to my heart and hear a story or two ~ these days it's just me.

It could be that one or both of the dogs might come and vye for a spot on my lap, a loyal, forgiving soul to share this comfort with.

Either way, I begin to think about it ~ my chair, my book, maybe one dog or both~ along about four o'clock.