One Word

Here's an interesting exercise from a group called First Drafts. In my opinion, it's just plain cruel to ask a writer to do anything with just one word! But, I'll put on my game face and give it a go.

Yourself: Caring
Your partner:Loving
Your hair: Aggravating Your Mother: Loving
Your Father: Puzzling Your Favourite Item: Book Your dream last night: Sad Your Favourite Drink: Chardonnay Your Dream Home: Bythesea (i made it one word, didn't I??)
The Room You Are In: Comforting Your fear: Disapproval Where you Want to be in Ten Years?: Creating
Who you hung out with last night: Family What You're Not: Sedentary Your Best Friend: Millie
One of Your Wish List Items: Fulfillment Your Gender: Feminine The Last Thing You Did: Read What You Are Wearing: Jammies Your favourite weather: Brisk Your Favourite Book?: Mysterious Last thing you ate?: Crackers
Your Life: Changing Your mood: Excited The last person you talked to on the phone: Pat Who are you thinking about right now?: Susan