One Deep Breath-Stillness/Calm

Like most of you, most of my days are sooo crazy busy, it's really hard to find a moment to even think about stillness and calm, much less experience it. So, I make it a point to get up early every morning just to have some time when the house is totally quiet, and the world is all just for me.

waiting for dawn
coffee percolates
beside me
Armed with a fragrant mug filled to the brim, I grab my book and morning pages journal, and curl up in my favorite chair. The morning sun rises just outside the window, bathing the room in warm rainbows of light.
basking in sun glow
morning sky
blesses me
For that one hour, sipping my coffee, watching the day break, and hearing the morning songs of birds, I can breathe deeply and let the magic of words envelop me.
centering my heart
in quiet time~
such a gift
Without this moment of calm and stillness each morning, I feel wrong-footed and out of sorts all day long.
My son and daughter-in-law have been in visiting family and friends in Thailand and China for the past month. My son wrote today that the Asian people sum up their perception of life in America with these three words..."Fast, full, and busy." What an amazingly succinct description of the way we live, always trying to cram as much into every moment as possible, racing from one activity to the next. I find that I'm actively looking for ways to slow life down, to add more stillness and calm into my day, to find more of the quiet magic that my hour in the morning creates for me.
in stillness
fluttering hearts
breathe deep
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