One Deep Breath-Shelter

enclosed within me
my womb guarded you
impenetrable fortress ~
your fierce protector
my arms enfolded you
sweet shelter from life's storm
flown from the nest
my love surrounds you
safe haven for the spirit

The most elemental of life's shelters is the relationship between a mother and child. I am reminded of this lately, as I recall my son's birth 27 years ago this month. He flew from the parental nest long ago, and later this week will fly even farther afield as he and his wife travel to her home in Thailand where he will spend several weeks with his "other family." He has certainly attained every parents goal for their child - a fulfilling relationship and a satisfying, independent lifestyle. So, there is little I can offer him in the way of "shelter," except the most basic of all life's protections - my unconditional love. Inspiration from here; photo from here