One Deep Breath - Mud/Dirt/Earth

If there's one thing I have plenty of around my backyard at this time of year, it's mud. Of course, my two fluffy little white dogs always seem to find it. Magic in particular, will roar off the back porch on the trail of a squirrel or a rabbit, tearing circles around the trunk of the old red maple tree and sending huge divots of black mud flying in all directions.

in hot pursuit
four paws scatter
moist earth to the wind

Molly is a little more delicate, mostly because she abhors getting her feet washed. She tiptoes carefully across yard, trying to hop over the muddier areas around the trees.

preferring to stay clean
this tiny pooch
eschews damp ground

Nevertheless, spring time means keeping lots of old towels by the back door, since there's just no way to avoid the mud covered footprints :~)

why bother cleaning
during springtime's big thaw~
"shih-tzu" always happens!