Now We Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

When I was a young SAHM (an acronym you rarely see on this blog, so I will define it for you: Stay At Home Mom), I was hooked on the the ABC afternoon soap operas. The ongoing stories and family dilemmas provided a respite from the isolation I sometimes felt being the only new mother in the neighborhood as well as the first of my friends to have children. But occasionally the show was interrupted by “breaking news” or a speech from the President or election results, interruptions that were extremely vexing. After what seemed like an interminably long time, the station logo would flash across the screen and announcer’s voice brought the good news.

Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

The events of my life during the past month remind me of those obnoxious interruptions. A pile of nasty stuff kept coming my way, one vile thing after another. But I’ve turned the calendar on April (a cruel month indeed) and happily moved on to May.

Now we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

And what is on the program schedule for Becca?

Some fun concerts to attend and participate in.

Social events with friends.

A wedding anniversary (our 36th).

An interesting work project.

Shopping for a new house.

And, best of all,  a trip in June to see Mr. Connor, whose very existence is the one true thing that makes life - with all its obnoxious interruptions - worth living.


How about you? Has your life been on a regular schedule, or have you been bothered with nasty interruptions?