New Business

New Business?

Content by Sol Rosales

Thankfully nothing got broken in the move which is a first for me. I’ve moved about a thousand times (not literally, but it feels like it) and every time something practically priceless gets totally torn to shreds. I love being in the new house and getting it all set up to my liking…I even went to to get all those movie channels my husband likes. I can’t believe I was able to finally figure out how to pack everything so it wouldn’t get broken. I’m actually thinking about making it a business of my own –packing for a move – and offeringconsulting for an hourly rate to people who were in my same position. I know it might be a lost cause but I feel like in this economy it’s up to everyone else to come up with a job – you just can’t get corporate salaried jobs like you used to, you know? Anyway, I think it’s a lot of fun to dream about this stuff but I’m just happy to be moved in!