Long Distance Errands

Guest post from: Natalie Walter The winter months bring lots of snow, ice and freezing temperatures, but unlike the summer months when you can travel anytime you want, in the winter you have to wait for the weather to break. The break in the weather provides the opportunity to take advantage of getting out and visiting family that we do not get to see that often. We usually pick a relatives place to stay at over the weekend so we can visit other people in that area. We always set the home alarm system (check it out) prior to leaving for the weekend because we never really know if we will be home the following day, or not until a day later.

In the summer there is so much going on that includes family members and then come September, the events slow down. Many of the older family members cannot travel in winter, or the danger of them slipping on the ice is too risky. We always call him or her ahead of time and ask if we can pick up anything from the store for them. This makes it easier on them and they do not have to worry about traveling. It helps us in knowing that they are not out walking on the ice and may end up getting hurt if they fall.