Lasting Connections

One of the first online connections I made in my writing journey was with writer and teacher Andi Cumbo Floyd. I think we first “met” through Write On Wendesday, which was a weekly writing blog I hosted. Andi’s writing was obviously of professional quality, and I was so honored that she shared her thoughts and her work in my little gathering space of wanna-be writers.

In the half-dozen years since, Andi has continued to inspire me as writer and as a person. She has followed every one of her dreams and made them come true. She left the academic life and started her own business; she wrote and published a beautiful book; she is living on a farm and creating an artists retreat space there. Oh, lest I forget, in the midst of all this, she found the man of her dreams and got married!

I’ve been sitting back watching all this sort of like a proud mother. I am continually amazed by all the things she has made happen in her life. So I couldn’t be more honored to be featured on her Writers Write Interview Series this morning. 

I hope you’ll check out my interview. While you’re there, meander around Andi’s blog. She’s a great connection to have.