Grateful Friday

Grace to experience the joy and beauty of summer Relaxation, which I, in my perpetual busy-ness, need to remember is necessary Antiques, especially the lovely tea set I found at an estate sale Terry cloth towels, which feel so good when you climb out of the pool Exercise, which gives me so much energy when I can motivate myself to do it! Friends, those near, far, and in cyberspace United Kingdom, my most favorite country to visit (so far!) Lipstick, the glossy kind with tiny sparkles Fresh fruit and vegetables, already appearing at the Saturday farmer's market Reading, and the extra time I have for it now that summer is here Inspiration, to write, to make music, to garden, to do all the things that add beauty to life Digital - cameras, tv's, dvd's, computers Anticipation, of all the good things yet to come You and me and all the things we can accomplish if we work together!