I was just about to go to bed - but - there are some hefty fireworks going on somewhere around here, and since it's the kind of night that's just too deliciously cool to sleep with the windows closed, I reckon I'll postpone bedtime a little bit longer. I haven't been sleeping well since I got home from Florida.  Usually I'm a pretty good sleeper (hot flashes not withstanding), and rarely have any problems going to sleep at night.  But Tuesday night I was awake until 3 am, restless and fitfull, dozing off occasionally only to startle awake again.  I got up, then went back down, then got up again.  Finally dozed off for good after some toast with honey and chocolate Ovaltine, my sure fire remedy for insomnia.

By bedtime last night I was a walking zombie, so my eyes were closed as soon as my head hit the pillow.  BUT - at 3 am I was wide awake, and couldn't go back to sleep.  It was chilly in the room - ceiling fan was on and the window was cracked - and I was awake and shivering until I broke down and fetched the furry afghan from the reading room.

Not sure what's causing the sleep disturbance ~ certainly life is a whole lot quieter than it was a year ago, when I was dealing with a freight train of loss.  Once again, I marvel at the resilience of the human spirit.   To quote a favorite Elton John tune, I"m still standing ~ maybe not better than I've ever been, but at least still here. 

Something to celebrate this holiday weekend. 

As would be a good night's sleep.

How about you? Anything worthy of fireworks going on in your world this week?