My son and daughter in law got the keys to their dream house today.  It's a large and lovely home in the suburbs of Dallas - a place large enough to hold all the dreams they've been cherishing in the months since they began planning this move from their first home in southern Florida.  They've been giddy with excitement, and who can blame them?  A new home in a new city, new places to explore and new friends to share it all with.  Sounds pretty dreamy to me. I've heard it said that "dreams are wasted on the young."  I don't entirely believe that, at least not in their case.  They're actually planners even more than they are dreamers, and don't go into any dreams without first carefully plotting their course to make sure they have a fighting chance at success.  As a parent, it's enjoyable and educational to watch them set about making their dreams come true.  Such grit and determination!  Fate barely stands a chance at thwarting them.

Of course, there are some dreams that remain elusive, irrespective of the amount of effort put forth.  I suspect most of us have one or two of those, tucked away in our heart of hearts.  As we age, it's easy to forget about those dreams, let them sink deep into the recesses of our soul.  We get busy with all the details of life, with trying to stay afloat in the ever choppier seas around us, and let those dreams fade away from our thoughts.

As I shift my focus from struggling to seeking, I recall some of the ancient dreams which have been  gathering dust in the corners of my heart.   Gingerly, I pick them up and examine them, peering closely for signs of life - a tiny pulse of encouragement, a spark of excitement.  As I poke around in those forgotten corners, I might even unearth some tiny seeds of new dreams, needing only a little love and attention to blossom.

Dreams are never solitary - they weave in and out of our lives like the finest spun silks, intertwining on their journey until they create a beautiful tapestry.  I'm hoping to become my own dreamweaver once again, to reacquaint myself with some old, beloved dreams and see if they might have a place in my future.

How about you? Do you have some dreams lying dormant in your heart?  Is it time to uncover them and weave them back into your life?