Our Realtor in Florida called us this afternoon with two prospective tenants for the house we spent the last week working to fix up.   As a result of gargantuan efforts on our part (not to mention a boatload of money we don't have) the house has been completely repainted and recarpeted, as well as thoroughly cleaned of acres of dirt and grime.  The  good news is that there are interested parties already, on the first actual day of showing.   Both parties are single women with one child (one has a 13 year old son, the other an 11 year old daughter).   The bad news - neither one wants to pay our asking price, and both of them have dogs - Labs, as a matter of fact.  

You all know I love dogs.  But ask me how I feel about a 70 pound lab being left home alone all day on the new carpet we just installed? 

Naturally, the Realtor wants to seal the deal.  I'm inclined to wait a bit and see if a dog-less person comes along. 

What do you think?