Suddenly it's summer, and everything's blooming.  I continue to have this feeling that it's later than it really is - you know the sensation, I'm sure, when Monday feels like Tuesday, or Thursday feels like Friday.  But I certainly don't want to hurry time, for time passes much too quickly already.  Do you remember when you first noticed time flying?  For me, it was my 16th birthday.  That was young, wasn't it, to realize that concept of time on the wing? ?  I recall looking at my birthday cake with all the candles, and wondering how I had gotten so old so fast.

How funny, 38 years later. 

So we're heading into summer now, and I'm thinking back to last year at this time, when I was busy planting a new perennial garden in the back yard, looking forward to the long hours of daylight ahead.  In just a couple of weeks, we'll be at the first anniversary of my uncle's death, an event that seemed to spark a series of  life changing events which turned the summmer of 2009 into what felt lika an ambush by life.  

After last summer,  I look at the calendar with some trepidation.  We meander along, minding our own business, until suddenly fate reins us in with a sharp, painful tug.   All those empty squares on the calendar when anything could happen.

But all the blossoms remind me that the "anything" need not be sadness - it could be something beautiful and new.  There is rebirth and regrowth every summer, on ever day of the calendar.

Pencil me in for that.

How about you?  What's blossoming  in your life and your garden right now?