Baby Blue Skies

I expected to be sad when I came home from my visit with The Fabulous Mr. Connor. But you know what?

I’m not.

Oh, I miss him, that’s for sure. I miss hearing his little squeals at 6:30 in the morning. I miss hearing the Fisher-Price Jumparoo songs (We all love to play with you...on...the...faaarrrm!) I miss seeing his shy little grin, and feeling his velvety soft cheek, and getting drooly kisses. I miss lying on the floor beside him and reading Everywhere Babies.  I even miss those sharp little teeth sinking into my knuckle when he gets an uncontrollable urge to chew.


But there is no way that any feelings of sadness can have anything to do with that baby boy.

He is simply too full of happiness and light and everything that is positive about life.

His parents adore him and take wonderful care of him.

He obviously loves them both to distraction.

He is healthy, and happy, and smart as a tack.

And even though I wish wish wish I could partake of his Fabulousness every day, I am just so happy about his existence in this world that I can’t even be sad about living 1500 miles away.

Sometimes we all need tangible reminders that there is hope for the future, that life can hold pleasant surprises, that small moments of wonder exist and can eradicate all the dark times.

Connor is all that and more for me.

As it says on the shirt he’s wearing in this vide0 - he is my Hero.

And he is just Too Fabulous for Words.

How about you? Do you have a Hero - someone that makes you happy about life in general?