Ain't It Grand?

Technology, that is. Here I sit on the sofa in the living room of my son's beautiful new home in Dallas, typing away on this tiny little tablet that's no bigger that a child's picture book. Soon, I'll touch the bright blue "publish" button and send this little post out into the world where it will be read by people who have become my friends, even though I've never laid eyes upon them or heard the sound of their voices.

But then just yesterday we saw, clearly outlined on the screen of a computer, the first image of our grandchild, his/her tiny face in absolutely perfect profile, nestled snugly inside that safe cocoon where he/she can grow until it's time to greet the world. We heard the strong and steady heartbeat that, having now begun, will not stop again, God willing, for perhaps nearly 100 years.

And as amazing as is the technology that brought us those images and sounds, it can't hold a candle to the miracle of that life and the promise it holds.