You Can't Stop the Beat

Like the dizzying revolutions of a child's spinning top, my brain is awhirl with ideas - things I want to write about, subjects that beg to be parlayed into words, researched, dissected literally and emotionally, and splayed out upon the page. Layered on top of these myriad of ideas come the notion about larger projects - books of essays, novels, a memoir - exploding in my brain with the exciting sparkle of fireworks. So what's the problem? Shouldn't I be down-on-my-knees grateful for all these ideas?

I should, because I've been on the flip side of this situation, when nary a thoughtful word could be wrenched from the dark recesses of my brain.  But I feel slightly ill equipped to handle this torrent of inspiration. Where do I start? When do I leave off working on one thing and start on another? Where do I even keep track of all these ideas that keep popping into my head?

I know there are writers out there who can simultaneously manage multiple writing projects. I'm just not sure I have the wherewithal to be one of them.

How about you? Do you multi-task your writing projects?  Any advice on how to manage?