Write On Wednesday - Risky Business

Funny topic for me to choose, right?  Y'all know I'm no risk taker.  Probably the riskiest thing I've every done was walk out of a fancy-schmancy restaurant without paying the check.  (long story)  Anyway, I've always played it safe. Chosen the road well traveled by, rather than the untrod pathway.  But there have been times when I've been filled with  a burning desire to "go rogue" ~ I recall my teenage years when I became an anti-war sympathizer (that would be Vietnam war), and a women's rights activist.   But ditching college after freshman year to get married sort of put paid to all my counter-revolutionary tendencies.

The risk taking has remained all in my mind.  These days, I dream about tossing aside my job and going bohemian, living off my savings, maybe traveling around the world a time or two.  Dusting off those novels gathering dust on my "C" drive.  Living the life of the artist...

But I know I'll never be brave enough to take the necessary risks to make that happen.  After all, I was raised to be responsible and practical, to be safe and sound.  Alas, after 50 some odd years, those are hard habits to break.

How about you?  Are you a risk taker? Or not?

It's Wednesday - write about it.