Write on Wednesday-Hidden Talents

How many people spend their entire lifetime headed in the wrong direction, without ever uncovering their greatest talents and potential.  Could you be one of them?


Dancing With the Stars is one of my "guilty pleasure" tv shows, and while I love the dancing, and the costumes, and the adrenaline rush watching these performances, what I adore about the show is seeing people discover a hidden talent.  Not the people who stumble through each week doing schtick performances, or those whose football, basketball, soap opera, reality show star fan base keeps them in the competition - the people who have never done a musical or theatrical or athletic thing in their lives, and all of a sudden demonstrate a remarkable talent for dancing.

Yeah, there are some of those.

Brooke Burke, this year's new co-host, was one.  A few seasons ago when she showed up on the dance floor, she had nothing to her (dancing) credit except modeling experience.  She was a mom, albeit a strikingly beautiful and graceful one, with small children running around her feet at home. But when she stepped onto the floor each week, she was a vision in elegance, grace, and beauty.  She seemed born to dance, as if this natural talent were just lying dormant within he, waiting for a chance to be released from its bondage.

Just thinking about that gives me shivers.  Could it be that lying within every one of us is some stupendous, unknown talent, something we could be so amazingly good at doing, yet we have no idea it's there?

If only someone could figure out how to unleash everyone's hidden talents, they would be a millionaire, wouldn't they?

So how does one go about discovering this buried treasure?  In a book I just read, one of the characters decided on her 60th birthday to "try one new thing every year for the rest of her life."  Although you'd likely have some rather excruciatingly ego deflating experiences, you might just unearth a hidden talent.

You could take some aptitude testing, try and see what the statisticians could turn up in the way of hidden talents.

I wish I had the answer - for me, and for anyone else out there who's ever wondered what talents might be hidden within them.  For now, all I can do it be open to new experiences and wherever they might take me.

Maybe some wonderful talent will emerge.