What I Know For Sure

200811_omag_for_sure_opener_350x263 There are days of late when I feel as if surety about anything is impossible.  Yet reading the responses to this phrase in last month's issue of O Magazine got me thinking a bit more seriously.  I realize there are some things which, for better or worse, I can assert with a degree of certainty, at least in my own experience. 

So here goes:

I know that every human being needs a passion, and pursuing that passion will enrich your life in ways you never expected. 

I know that it's good to step outside of your box, to expand your horizons, and stretch your boudaries.  You like yourself better when you do.

I know that moderation is the key to all things - to food, drink, work, play, and even love.

I know there's a good reason that dog is god spelled backwards.

I know that family is the rock and foundation of every bit of happiness we have.

But I also know that friends can fill the gaps which occur in even the best of families.

I know that, in the amusement park of life, sometimes we're on the roller coaster, but more often its the swan boats.

I know that all good things come to and end, and that this too shall pass.

I know that all things work together for good.

I know that tomorrow I'll be sure of more than I am today.

Now tell me, what do you know for sure?