Welcome to Write On Wednesday

This is Write on Wednesday's new home, a place to gather if you love playing with words and putting them to the page.  Each Wednesday we'll explore some aspect of the writing process...how we get those words out of our brains and onto paper (or screen).  And what we do with them once they're out there for all the world to see.

We might look at some of our favorite books about writing...

We might talk about our instruments of choice - pencil or cursor? paper or screen?

We could share secrets about the best places for finding ideas...

Perhaps we'll explore the process of revision (shudder!) or what happens when the words just won't come (double shudder!)

Whatever the topic, sharing is the name of the game.  Add your thoughts on the subject by writing a post on your blog and leaving a comment with the link to that post.  If you wish, you may also simply write your thoughts in the comment section.

So, come join us around the table.  Bring your best notebook and a freshly sharpened pencil.

Get ready to Write On Wednesday.

Today's post is waiting.