Week's End

I've enjoyed my weekend - nothing special happened, and I suppose that's what I enjoyed most about it.  We slept late on Saturday, spent extra time in our living room chairs drinking coffee and soaking up the (almost!) springish sun pouring in the front window.  Later in the morning, we walked the dogs at the park and then came home to my favorite lunch - tomato soup and tuna salad sandwiches. In the afternoon, we made chocolate cupcakes - and when I say "we" I do mean both of us.  I figured if anything could persuade my husband to leave his leather recliner, it would be the promise of licking the bowl after the cupcakes were in the oven. 

Men are so childishly predictable, aren't they?

Today was a bit more hectic, since the dogs had to be carted to the groomer's, Jim had a concert at 4:00, and I had musical rehearsal at 6:00.  While I was waiting for Magic and Molly to be beautified, I hung out in Caribou Coffee and played with my new netbook computer, then wandered through Borders for a while, making mental notes of all the new books I'd like to add to my library request list.

But by the time my pups were ready to go home, I was tired of shopping and killing time.   It was raining, too, cold, bitter rain that was destined to turn to snow.  I had to hurry home, feed the dogs, shovel down some dinner, and then head back out into the wet and cold to a musical rehearsal.

Frankly, it was the last thing I wanted to do.  I'm the rehearsal accompanist for a local community theater production of Sweet Charity and have enjoyed it, but tonight I was tired and cold and the thought of curling up with a good book and two warm (sweet smelling!) puppy dogs was so much more appealing than sitting on a piano bench in a damp, dark theater.  But I dutifully drove to rehearsal and spent a couple of hours pounding out Rhythm of Life  and Hey Big Spender.

When I came out, my car was covered with a heavy, wet blanket of snow. 

Ich.   Several of us were out there, clomping around in the cold, white stuff, complaining one more time about the harshness of this Michigan winter and laughing at one cast member who had foolishly taken his snowbrush out of the car.  (Real Michigander's know you're never safe from snowfall until at least May.)

On the drive home, it occured to me how effectively the last two hours had re-energized me.  I was reminded once again of the restorative power of music, and the way a collarborative musical effort provides just the adrenaline rush I need when I'm feeling tired,  or down.   The life preserver at work once again. 

The week ahead is another busy one, with more rehearsals and a concert at my friend's elementary school.  The snow is supposedly short lived, so I'm hoping the spring sun will be back tomorrow morning and make it all disappear by noon.


How about you? How was your week's end?