Variable Winds

Michigander's joke about the weather in our fair state. "If you don't like it," we say, "just wait a minute and it will change." But I think Dallas takes the real prize for changeable weather. In the seven days we've been here, the temperatures have swung like a pendulum between 80 and 50 - sometimes on the same day.

Weather is the really the least of anyone's concern right now. With a new baby in the house, life revolves around a tight little circle of feeding, sleeping, diaper changing, rocking. From the mother's perspective, I've heard it referred to as being in a "hazy, milky coma."

In the past couple of days, we've all been congratulating ourselves on keeping things on an even keel. The baby has been calm, we've all had our share of quality time, Mom has gotten a bit of much-needed rest. We even had a meal together last night.

But this morning two blurry eyed parents appeared, saying the Babe hadn't slept all night. It's Monday, and Dad has a phone meeting this morning, so he's trying to get himself awake and alert.

Life with a baby is as changeable as the weather, even the weather in Dallas.