Time's A Wastin'

I have become extremely proficient at wasting time. Tomorrow's impending loss of an hour with the advent of daylight savings time led me to examine the major culprits in my collection of ways to "fritter away" minutes. So, without further ado (for a change), here are some of the ways it happens: The dogs: Number one way to lose time. Can't resist stopping to cuddle, stroke, talk to, throw a ball, get a biscuit, brush their hair, etc. etc.;

The computer: Have to check the email at least four times a day to see if I might have a new message from one of the many online sites that regularly send me can't miss offers or notices of sales. While I'm there, take a quick glance at my bank balance, my credit card statement (it can't be that much already!), and my favoirite gallery of web sites;

The kitchen: A cup of coffee or carton of yogurt often beckons as I pass through through on the way to the computer. While I'm in the refrigerator, can't help noticing all the scraps of leftovers and the slimy lettuce languising there. I really need to clean out the fridge. Decide to do it after the coffee;

The piano: Suddenly just have to whip off a few bars of that Haydn sonata I've been re-working. After that, some Debussy might be nice. Since I'm sitting here, should probably run through a few of the solos for festival;

My book: Ah, the worst culprit of all. My number one indulgence in the morning is to lie in bed and read, sipping my coffee, the puppies curled up on each side of me (this way I can waste time in three categories at once! how efficient I am after all!) I originally allowed myself half an hour for this pasttime. Often, to my combined delight and dismay, it stretches into an hour.

And while I'm busily wasting precious minutes in all of these vitally important pastimes, the real work piles higher and higher. Ah well, it's only time...