The Man

Dan would be "the man" at our house. Dan is a colleague of my husband’s who can do absolutely anything related to home construction. And I do mean anything.

Even though our new house was just about as move-in ready as you could ask for, we decided to do a few home improvements before we moved in. Jim sat down with Dan and mapped out a plan, they spent a boatload of money at Home Depot, and we were in business.

So far, Dan has put in electricity for a ceiling fan, raised the dropped ceiling in the basement to accomadate one too-tall entertainment center, built a gate for our deck to keep Magic and Molly from tearing off after a squirrel, installed a water heater and a new humidifier on the furnace, and is now in the process of constructing a full bathroom in the basement.

What did I tell you? He is The Man.

With all these various and sundry projects, it’s been great to have one person as a point of contact. Dan has some helpers he calls upon, and if he doesn’t have the access to do something, he invariably knows someone who does. Without Dan and his expertise, we would have been searching websites for contractors, not knowing who we were getting.

I know a few other guys like Dan who have a gift (and believe me, it is a gift!) for home construction and repair. Having a business with one point of contact - a home energy audit franchise - is invaluable in getting all your “homework” accomplished efficiently and effectively.

We’re lucky we found Dan.