The Click

She'd been working so hard all year, why shouldn't it have arrived around then: that "click" when it feels as if a previously locked door has opened and words and sentences suddenly seem to exist in a new dimension located somewhere between your brain and the screen or page, leading you through an infinite house whose rooms have strange geometric shapes you've never seen before, yet you always somehow know where you are.  ~ from Say Her Name, by Francisco Goldman

If you write, or engage in any form of creative expression, you'll understand what Goldman is talking about when he describes that moment  when it seems as if everything is coming together perfectly as it should - language and idea coalesce and your fingers move across the keyboard like the planchette on a Ouija board, guided by an unseen spirit.

Getting to that point is the tricky part.  It doesn't come quickly or easily, and it usually takes a lot of slogging through mud before you reach that magic spot where everything begins to "click."  The path is different for every artist, and each one of us has to suss out what it takes to get there. One thing I do know - it can't happen unless you write - or paint, or make music, or dance, or whatever medium your artistic persona prefers.

It's Wednesday - so what are you waiting for?

Write about a time when you felt that "click" - either in your writing, or in some other medium of artistic expression.